Hi, I’m Patrik

UX Designer based in Brno

I believe a good design is not just about coming up with great solutions but also about solving the right problem. In my work, I try to make sure that users and their problems are well understood before jumping to the drawing board.

Lately, my focus is on end-to-end experience and interaction design but I try to sharpen my skills in all parts of the UX field.

Case studies

ERP system

From discovery to delivery of formatting preferences

Oracle Netsuite

Creating a report that helps Dutch companies to save on taxes

Oracle Netsuite

Web design

Promotion website for WordPress plugin

Easy School Registration

Web presentation for high-end wooden sofa


Smaller/older projects

Smaller projects of all kinds

Free time projects

Home-made hardwood furniture

Probably my biggest passion in the last couple of years is interior design and specifically making my own additions to our home.

I turned our balcony into a small workshop and started experimenting with traditional woodworking. I try to challenge myself and test what everything can be made at home and without power tools. And yes, my wife is very tolarant, I’m a lucky man.

Art experiments

I’m not an artist but I like to think of myself as a creative soul. From time to time I experiment with art techniques that I find on Pinterest. 

My latest project was an acrylic painting of a dream-like beach that I pained in collaboration with my little son. On the bottom picture is a wall in the kids’ room that we painted with my wife before our first son was born. We projected the animals on the wall by the projector to get the proportions right. It was a very funny weekend.

Custom Lego models

I’m a huge Lego fan. I always loved Lego – it sparks creativity and it’s the best design system ever created.

At some point, I realised that designing my own models is even more fun than building the official sets. On these pictures is my micro build of Hogwarts castle and campus from Harry Potter.


Oracle Netsuite   /   Senior UX Designer 2021 – now
Oracle Netsuite   /   UX Designer 2018 – 2021
Oracle Netsuite
Senior UX Designer 2021 – now
UX Designer 2018 – 2021

As part of the International XD team, I’m working on bringing the NetSuite product closer to the specific needs of people in different regions around the world.

This position gave me the opportunity to design for huge and complex ERP system with a lot of challenges and technical constraints that require innovative thinking, rapid prototyping, and an iterative approach. I’ve gained know-how in design systems, learnt to collaborate with a wide group of stakeholders, and got a chance to facilitate several customer visits around Europe as part of a larger research initiative.

Freelance   /   UX/UI Designer 2015 – 2021
UX/UI Designer 2015 – 2021

I like to be part of interesting projects – often startups that I can help to grow by arranging usability research, designing websites, products, or visual identities. For smaller projects, I also provide marketing and business strategy consultations.

InSociety   /   UX/UI Designer 2016 – 2018
UX/UI Designer 2016 – 2018

In this local digital agency, I worked on an end-to-end design for a variety of projects from websites and e-shops to mobile applications. Many of them were focused on UI. However, I was able to incorporate and improve several UX and research techniques as well.

Also, I was able to lead a smaller development team, mentor a junior designer, prepare several design proposals, and gain a lot of interesting business experience.

IS4U   /   Information System Engineer 2014 – 2016
Information System Engineer 2014 – 2016

Coding both backend and frontend of information system for universities. It gave me the technical foundation I often leverage as a designer when communicating with developers.

Although not a design position, it helped me to improve my soft skills. While taking care of my own customers, I learnt about communication for impact, time management, and collaboration.


Masaryk University, Brno   /   Master’s Degree 2016 – 2018
Masaryk University, Brno
Master’s Degree 2016 – 2018

Service Science, Management and Engineering

Brno University of Technology   /   Bachelor’s Degree 2011 – 2015
Brno University of Technology
Bachelor’s Degree 2011 – 2015

Information Technology